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J. H. Boone Company

J.H. Boone offered a wide selection of limited edition pieces. These fine works of art embody the spirit of each subject, from the pride of the early Americasn through the American Series to the majestic beauty of American Wildlife in the Wildlife Art Series.

Mill Creek Studios

Mill Creek Studios located in Mentone, California started in 1989 and one of their first artists was Stephen Herrero whose talent and imagination inspired his success. Over the years, other artists have created collectible art for Mill Creek Studios. The original artwork is sculpted by the artist. Molds are made from these originals, and then hand-cast using a resin and wood flour emulsion or resin and actual stone powders. Finished castings are inspected for quality before being submitted to painting, where acrylic washes and stains are applied by hand. Today much of what is offered by Mill Creek studios consists of a wildlife theme. This artwork is so realistic you expect it to move. Move is exactly what it does, into the homes and offices of collectors like yourself. Sculptures retail from around $50 to several hundreds dollars each. A number of them are limited edition and cover such subjects as elk, wolves, eagles, puma, bison, bear and many others, including Native American offerings. Mill Creek Studios, made in America.

Masterworks Fine Pewter    Made in USA

MASTERWORKS™FINE PEWTER is a distinctive collection of hand crafted, high quality figurines.  MASTERWORKS™FINE PEWTER originals are produced of the finest pewter available, making each piece a keepsake to be passed down from generation to generation.   Where applicable, fully leaded Austrian Crystal accents the piece adding sparkle and remarkable beauty.  Because of its high lead content, the crystal used exclusively in MASTERWORKS™FINE PEWTER sculptures is the finest and highest quality crystal available.   The fine grade pewter combined with the skilled craftsmanship of various artisans, makes any MASTERWORKS™FINE PEWTER figurine a treasured masterpiece for years to come.


MASTERWORKS Limited Editions®

The item is a numbered, limited edition piece whose mold was destroyed once the issue is complete.   

The piece has been diamond cut to add brilliance and irresistible charm.  The above factors result in a singular collectors item which will only increase in value in the coming years.


Neil J. Rose

Living, hunting, fishing, studying, and working in the rugged mountains of western Montana has given Neil not only an exceptional knowledge of the wildlife he sculpts, but also a unique understanding of our early American heritage. He has studied the lives and cultures of coastal, plains, and mountain tribes. His models have been authenticated by several tribal comments. In his commitment to depicting only the truth in nature and life, Neil Rose continues to build upon his 50 years of personal search for the beauty, simplicity, and depth of history of all things living in the purity of their natural environment. Through these Collector Edition works of art, Neil depicts a more detailed remembrance of the magnificence and wonders of our great American heritage. He hopes to preserve the unique reality and to honor the history of this great land through his artistic presentations of truth and life of today and yesterday. Neil Rose has previously sculpted more than 600 pieces and has sold over 140,000 copies internationally during the past 12 years. Neil has direct control of every phase of artistic production in especially his latter pieces, thereby ensuring his customers that each piece will be to his exacting specifications. This process has produced the more natural colors, the greater intricacies of detail, and the more life-like styles you see in these new works of art.


Lance Domonoske

As a young man in the 1970's Lance traveled to Alaska in search of adventure, and never left. He became a hunter, fishing guide, and later, an accomplished artist. The antler of moose and caribou were the principal medium he used to portray his art. He combined the natural, graceful contours of the antler and his God-given talent to express his appreciation of all that is in nature.


Daniel R. Monfort

Born in 1942, Daniel Raymond Monfort grew up, attended college, and studied the arts in the Bretagne region of France. Mr. Monfort's potential for drawing was exhibited at an early age, and eventually stories of the American Far West became the vehicle by which he expressed his artistic talents. His fascination with Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and other prominent Western heroes overshadowed his interest in great European historical figures.

As an art student at Quimper, and later at Nantes, Mr. Monfort found the structured academics of the French schools frustrating and disappointing. His interest was in western art, yet his instructors emphasized a disciplined curriculum of abstract forms, colors, and composition. But, he learned that talent alone was not enough, and now realizes those years of strict instruction were necessary and, in the long run, beneficial.

In 1964, while reproducing famous paintings with colored chalk on the sidewalks of Nice, to help finance his studies, he met the late Dutch artist Van Dongen. Impressed by Mr. Monfort's work, Van Dongen prompted him to pursue his abilities.

Mr. Monfort moved to New York City, hoping to become an illustrator of books. While his drawings and caricatures were always well received, sales were rarely realized. The following years were spent traveling in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

His fascination with the West never waning, Mr. Monfort moved to Denver in 1972, bringing with him his wife and two children. He quickly established a solid reputation as a sculptor of fine Western art.

Today, Mr. Monfort's work is recognized the world over.  Thousands of people from all walks of life own a Monfort Original. Many are collectors, for his sculptures are the finest of their type, and are sold at very affordable prices.

From a series depicting significan Western Characters - past and present.  These high quality hydrostone castings from Daniel Monfort are all very skillfully and individually hand painted.  Each model is unique and retains perfectly the details and expression of Mr. Monfort's wax originals.  Hydrostone, one of the finest casting materials available today, strong and durable, will please a great number of art collectors, by offering true pieces of art at reasonable prices.  Bronze  castings are also available upon special order.


Peter C. Sedlow

Peter C. Sedlow has been creating quality sculpture for the past decade.  Born and raised in the Southwest, Mr. Sedlow has begun to focus his abilities on the history of the American West.

Peter now resides in the Pacific Northwest where he will continue to capture in sculpture, for generations to come, the hardships and triumphs of the people of the American West..


Stephen Herrero

From his humble beginnings as the creator of the whimsical "Knot Knoggins", Stephen Herrero's gift of sculpture has depicted the pride, strength and gentleness of the Mandan people.


Jim Bender

Jim Bender is a (Blackhawk) Ojibway & Lakota Sioux artist doing beadwork, detailed replicas of Lakota warshirts, pipe bags, bow sets, medicine pouches, breastplates, and other ceremonial pieces.


Rainbow Lizard

Rainbow Lizard does Taino style Dreamcatchers with detailed rocks with painted symbols, shells, stones,moss, and willow for both wall and tabletop. The artist signs his work with a symbol of a lizard.


Paul Korek

Paul Korek does paintings on canvas and cloth and he always hides a raven within his works.


Patricia Music

Patricia Music was from the Seminole Tribe out of Colorado. Her pieces are shown all over the country and are in many museums.

Ben Waring

Ben Waring does Dreamcatchers in the Seneca style

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